I Know, Right?!
What we ARE: Passionate that everyone would have an ENCOUNTER with Jesus Christ and that it would AWAKEN souls and EMPOWER all to accomplish His will in the earth!
What we ARE NOT: About religious traditions, actions and behaviors.
An authentic RELATIONSHIP with GOD motivates us to RELENTLESSLY pursue HIM. Our desire is to help you discover the true meaning that is in your personal and individual life to advance HIS Kingdom. God placed DESTINY within you at creation! Need proof...? Google the word 'LAMININ'.
In fact, He made it so clear that He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on a cross to give you a choice. A FREE choice... to choose or reject HIM. So why live your life without purpose? The Bible declares in Jeremiah 29:11, there is value and purpose to your life. Remember... the Lord is always listening. If you need help... cry out to Him with your whole heart - He will hear you!

Please be patient with us as our site is currently under construction. Thank you for coming by and feel free to leave a comment(s). If you have suggestions or prayer needs, please leave them for us on our Contact Us page.

What can you expect in the future:

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Typically, you would never see Fire and Water together. Especially not while forming a heart in unison! However, the Bible is clear on one thing... there are two baptisms. One by water (the outward profession of our faith in Jesus Christ) and one by fire (the Holy Spirit as in Acts chapter 1 & 2)! As ForeRunner, our passion is to be so consumed with all of Him that everyone we Encounter is spiritually Awakened and Empowered to go forth and manifest HIS Kingdom on earth!
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